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Their cell network part of Sprint is up grading to the 4 g network !No service in many areas in Houston with multiple dropped calls once I did get out !

Their Customer service is so sorry about this ! They must be as they constant interrupt to say this moronic little read to me apology ! They credited my account $ 20.00

next month they took the full monthly charge ! They have no way to apply the money to my account or credit my card for the charge !

If ever there was a company that needed suing it's the Boost !

Monetary Loss: $100.


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Ask an attorney about the "Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act." It provides for attorney fees and costs.There are ways to use this law to send them a proper written notice of your claim.

Good luck, and post again to let us know how you come out with this.

to Customer #753827

Great Idea ! Thanks Don !!!!!!!!!

New York City, New York, United States #667895

Boost Mobile has got to be the worse cell phone company of all time.I have multiple dropped calls.

It CALLS people for me when I answer they say, "yes", as if I called them. I can hardly hear my phone conversations.

It is just all and all a very bad service company.:(

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