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I made the worst mistake of listening to a friend who said take your business to boost...

In july 3rd 2018 at appeox 2pm i went ro rhe boost mibile store on dorr st in Toledo oh. My purpise was to go in transfer my number over to.

Oost and purchase 2 phones. When i went in the place was packed so i understood the wait time. When it was my turn i was being helpes by a new employee. Very nice younf lady but her trainee was *** The orginal phones that i wanted she said that i could not get.

But originally they said i could have. So now shes transferring phone number to the new phones shes having peoblems with doing this. While shes having problems with this theady who was supposed to be training her is barking orders instead of helping. Just so you know the store was empty at this time.

She finally got the number transferred over after about an hrs wait, then she proceeded ro try to turn on the second phone. While the young lady is struggling, her supvsr has decided to sit at the front counter and eat and call her boyfriend. Well by this time im upset because i asked her to helo the young lady and got no response. In total it took the young lady 2 1/2 hrs to turn o.

2 phones. When i was on my way out the door the lady who was suppose to be supervising said i could have gotten the phones that i had originally wanted and i told her then thats what i want. She said it was to late, wven beford i walkes out the door. I lut in complaint after complaint calles and online and got no satisfaction.

July 10th i finally talk to a manager at customer service, he finally told me that i could take the phones back if they werent working correctly, which they werent. Internet service cuts in and out, wifi and hotspot wont connect to the internet tried to connect my ipad and speaker to the phone which will not connect. So when going to the store the manager there to make long story short said he will not exchange the phones be didnt care about what happened and pretty much walked up on me trying to instigate a fight. I told him exactly what the customer service manager said about the exchange policy and then he decide to call someone and put me on the phone with them which made no sense to me since be said he was the manager.

The person on the phone told me the only way i could get another phone was to pay a upcharge of 30 dollars per phone or take a lesser phone i said no i wanted a phone equal to the ones that i have now he said they only have one in stock and if i didnt want that then fet out of the store and i only had til the end of the day to take one of those deals because my 7day exchange warranty ends at close of business.....

I am a business owner. I was planning to do some business with boost by purchasing more phone for my dispatchers, i own a trucking company its name is Mays Legacy LLC.

i have a few other companies as well and the way i was treated seem to say that your company only cares abou the bottom dollars. I would like to speak with someone about this situation, hopefully you have cameras in your stores because this should never happen to any other customers in the future....

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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