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Not resolved

My mobile device has had several

notices to update the software. I put it off by clicking the

'later'. This

evidently did not go

well with them.After

waking today Dec 2nd, a new

notice had

informed me the update is complete.

I did not

give Boost


to do any


changes. It is rottenly

nervy to do ANYTHING

to ANYONES device with

out first

having their

prior consent. I do not give a rats brown waste orafice how good it is or how much better the


status will become, it is not their place to enter this

wireless back door and effect an update or any other so called complimental accoutrament which may or may not increase security. The drop-down bar had at least 10 postings wanting to update & all were

postponed. Even then i could not delete it

with multiple tries there &elsewhere in settings. Boost has

earned a

boot stomping

rating of 2, combining

this with

several problems

waved off by them

from a non-

response after multiple efforts to resolve. My next service

company is Cricket which has many good reports to back its short life in action.It all

points to my not wanting, caring about or thinking it necessary to update, then having

BOOST saying "Get outta the way, you are getting it, like it or not !" Sound like a bully to you ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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