Boost Mobile made an unauthorized charge with a Visa credit card I had on file with them. Payments for me are due by the 16th of every month. In the past I have always manually made payments online. Due to a recent change in finances (laid-off, waiting for unemployment check) I did not make my payment for November. My phone service should have been disconnected.

To my surprise it rang this Monday morning (Nov. 18th). After my phone call, I got online to check my Boost Mobile account. Sure enough, monthly bill paid, next one due 12/16/2013. How could this be? I'm not enrolled in auto Reboost. Next looked at my online bank account information. Sunday, November 17th, Boost Mobile initiated a $53.00 charge to my Checking Account using my Visa card I had on file with them. This had unfortunately bounced my checking account incurring another $39.00 bounce fee.

Fumed, I immediately called Boost Mobile's customer service center to have it rectified and charges reversed.

1 1/2 hours later with 2 Customer Service Representatives, Credit Card/Billing Department, and 1 Supervisor...NOTHING got resolved. Each person I spoke with gave me a different story of how AND when I supposedly "enrolled" my Visa card in their auto- pay according to "their records".

Every person danced around the simple fact that my online Boost Mobile account showed that I WAS NOT enrolled in their auto-pay (Screenshot image of this is shown).

Is this to become common practice? Store credit card information for unauthorized future charges? I'm canceling my credit card AND their service.

Thanks to these crooks, I'll be out of pocket $78 total for bouncing fees atop of BoostMobile's $53 payment. CUSTOMERS BEWARE of giving your credit card information to these people!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $131.

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Well,You have to look on the bright side os boot mobile

:) :grin


this is why i never enroll in auto pay for anything ever :eek :eek :eek :upset :upset :upset


Did you contact the issuer of your Visa card and dispute the charge? I would do that in addition to trying to get Boost to "fix" this.

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