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Ive had my boost mobile phone eight days when the screen failed, speaker was inaudible and charging port failed to charge. Workers at boost mobile sold me an insurance plan which was worthless.

I was told to call warranty at Samsung, samsung to me to call boost, boost to me to call my insurance company. This entire process is fraudulant. The sales people were ill, coughing all over customers. Youll get totally screwed by these theives called boost mobile.

This office is located just north of army post road next to dollar store. Liars and thieves They suck.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Lets see, screen out, sound down, and won’t charge. As someone who has spent the last decade selling smartphones it really sounds like you dropped it and seek to make them pay for your mistake.

Omission is as bad as lying, so when you leave important details like dropping your phone out of your story, it only makes you look bad. I have also sold Boost phones and I have only ever seen one instance of a truly out of the box non working phone. I’m amazed you spent all that time writing yet fail to accurately portray your situation. If you dropped your phone as everyone does then deal with it.

Did you have a strong case on your phone? If not another lesson in life. Sorry but as one of the posters has written, this is NOT on Boost. Boost is only the service side.

Warranties are not useless, it’s just in this instance your warranty doesn’t cover your issue and that’s all. I would advise you to get the box and find the receipt and take it back to Boost. If you were actually sold a bad phone then Boost sold you something defective. Do a swap and go on with your life.

If you dropped it and there is visible damage or the litmus paper has changed color then you will just have to buy a new phone and be more attentive in the future. You wouldn’t be the first person to try and get one over on a cellphone company, probably not the millionth one either. You used words they were trained to listen for and most people will say the same as I have. You dropped your phone.

The big question I have is why people think that just because a giant corporate entity has money and the person doesn’t that it’s ok to justify THEFT! What makes people think that just because they have money it’s somehow “fair” to screw a company over.

It’s a sad state of affairs when a company gets punished because losers can’t accept responsibility for their actions. Weren’t you people raised BETTER THEN THAT?


Simply don’t go to boost mobile!



Please know that Boost Mobile is not the manufacture of the phone. Yes, you have purchased the phone through them but they did not produce the phone.

Each devices, specially Samsung has 12 month warranty from the manufacturer which is Samsung. They are the one responsible for replacing or repairing your phone. Boost only sells the phone as a 3rd party of Samsung as well. They are only covering your services for calls, text and data.

If Samsung pushed you back to Boost, then it is Samsung who needs to be raised with Attorneys General Office. hope this helps.

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