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I purchased my phone on the second of February after my disability check arrived. The salesperson told me what a great phone the EmergeJ3 was, including her opinion it was the best phone for a guy cause men care less about picture quality.

She also sold me insurance on the phone telling me how if there were any problems with the phone I could have it replaced within 24 hours of talking to bright insurance, excluding weekends. I had the phone for five days, on the fifth day the problems started. I called the store of purchase, the referred me to Samsung warranty department@ #800-726-7864. The rep.

told me I had 14 days by law to take the phone back to boost and get the phone replaced. I called boost back@ 515-285-0096. The clerk told me boost sets its own return policies regardless of what Samsung tells the consumer. Sales clerk then tells me if I bring the damaged phone back she would replace it for an additional $25.00.

She also coaches me to call the insurance company, (bright star device protection)@ 844-534-3099 telling me to story to them about the issues I was having with my phone to insure they would send me a replacement phone. I immediately refused, asking her why would I have to lie to get the coverage I paid for, due to a defective phone. After speaking to the insurance rep., I was told the only thing covered by insurance was a cracked or broken screen! The cost of the screen was an additional $7.00 dollars monthly.

This is not what was told to me by the sales person, which her sales pitch was totally fraudulent. After talking to the insurance company, Samsung warranty department without any type of help, I called the sales clerk thinking the only recourse I could afford was to take the phone back and pay $25.00 as told to me by the sales clerk( Maggie) to get another phone. In doing so she told me she could only sell me a new phone. She lied yet again!!

Keep in mind my original purchase came to $233.00 dollars for two phones, minutes for each phone, and insurance for both phones. I'm disabled, this was a lot of money for me, not to mention being without a phone. Boost mobile is selling fraudulently to people misleading them as well as selling them insurance that isn't worth buying! They need to be held responsible for their actions.

Samsung and Bright Star Protection needs to be held responsible.

I will make sure they are reported for there lack of customer service, as well as there fraudulent practices. Stay clear of Boost mobile!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Galaxy J3 Emerge Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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I am having a similar problem. I was also lied to concerning the insurance.

I have a defective phone & called insurance & was told to call manufacturer because my phone was purchased less than a year ago. Manufacturer (Samsung) referred me back to insurance. So, needless to say, nobody will help & I have to figure out how to get a phone.

I'm not rich & in bad health. They're scammers!


I would concur with the fraud and coaching; in my case it was with my previous provider during the change the following:

I visited the local Boost Mobile store located at 712 E. Avalon St., Kuna Idaho, 83634 on Sunday evening 2/11/18 and after remaining in the store for over 2+hrs after closing my wife and I left with 2 IPhone 6s at a cost of $50 each.

Seems the push was on for the IPhone as opposed to much discussion about one of the NO COST phones offered with a service changeover; Kino made mention he was "all about the sale" and then added as an afterthought "but we're good with customer service".

I revisited the same store on 2/16/18 to advise that I was unhappy with the IPhone operation; at that time, I was told I would need to speak with the original salesman "Kino Martinez " to discussed a return. I had to leave town over the weekend and was unable to return until today 2/19/18. It seems this Kino wasn't as attuned to discuss a return, pretended to make a call to someone and then told me that I would now need to pay full price for the phone I originally wanted and that he couldn't return the IPhone despite what the paperwork claims; adding insult to injury he pretended to not even recognize me and at first denied that I purchased the phones in this location until I showed him the receipt which he didn't even look at; seemed a bit odd given the limited foot traffic this store gets in a rural location.

I will note it does say 7 days which would have been yesterday.... doesn’t say seven business days...

This is the exact same "used car salesman get them while they are hot approach" I have experienced with Metro PC, ATT, T-Mobile, and ATT; e.g. as long as the company is on the cash receivables end then it’s all well & good, any type of customer service or responsibility after the fact is negligible.

In my world we used to make fun of those guys.

This is the precise reason I made this recent change in cell service providers in the first place noting I SPECIFICALLY asked about after sales service noting previous experiences with other mobile providers. I wish to note I observed this Kino making the same claims about this being a "good deal", "you could sell it on Craig's list for $300+", and numerous other nefarious statements to a group of potential customers (teens) while there today...

At the end of the day it seems a person can't seem to honor their verbal and/or written commitments unless there is a dollar that comes first, but I did say I would advertise for the Boost store, that's a commitment I am not a bit hesitant to follow-through with...FYI ~ the customers left the location without any phones after I called him out on his business practices...1 victory at any rate

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