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​To whom it may concern I am writing you this letter to inform you of the services I have received. I am a new customer who switched to you guys from a provider I had for over 2 years .

During this transition into a new company I chose to go with your company they were promoting a free month of service when switching over. I did everything that was needed and was told I would receive that free month in my second month if I pay the first month. So I did what was needed to get this month of service. During the second month my phone didn't ring for a couple of days come to realize my phone was cut off April 29.

So I called in explaining to them what was going on and how important it is for me to have my phone on at all times . The person I was speaking to then tells me my phone shouldn't be using the p hone for business for its a personal uses phone which he had no right to tell me what I need to use my phone for personal or business I pay for my service . I also was being rushed off of the phone so he didn't want to listen to my frustration of my phone being cut off for 2 days. He then told me if I wanted my phone back on I was going to have to wait 24-72 hours to get it on to escalate the issue to superior .

NO! my phone had already been cut off for 2 days unknowingly why would I agree to that . So he said someone will be contacting me but if they turn my phone on I will no longer have insurance on my phone . I still don't understand why and have not received any phone call for this issue nor is anyone able to help me to figure it out.

Yesterday (May 13) I called because I received a text message saying my phone was going to get cut off (after promising the free month) I called in once again and was hung up on and placed on hold for ridiculous amounts of time (4 times) I finally spoke to someone who told me don't worry everything is fixed . She then tells me my account will be credited $22.00 and in order for me to receive my free month I would have to pay $12.00 . NO! why would I pay to receive something your company offered to me free?

She then said I was set up on a daily plan saying I agreed to a daily plan . I never have and would not agree to this specially if my initial call was to get my free month of service. The next day (May 14 ,2015 ) my phone was cut off so I called in to be hung up on again 4 different times and in one call even got transferred to sprint. By the 5th call I receive help form a gentleman by the name of George he was kind patient and very helpful.

Still I am dissatisfied because I still had to pay money in order to receive my free month of service that I never received do to the other representive who set me up on a daily plan instead of a monthly plan. So I remembered I had put $10.00 on my account and told him to use that but he said my account balance was $0 I don't understand I never used the money nor authorized anyone to take my money for any reason. So my money was stolen and used towards the daily plan that I never knew I even had. This by far has been the worse service I have ever received as a paying custome with any compay and I am really thinking about switching service providers because of this nightmare I have been going through.

Please contact me via email or my cell number 720-525-1520. Thank you , Khadijah Mebane

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $204.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Boost Mobile Cons: Terrible customer service, False advertisment, Taking unathorized payments.

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I have been a boost customer for more than 15 years. I've been satisfied until recently.

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Fix it or I'm gone with my family & friends going with me. Chris