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I bought a phone using part of my tax check. It was a ok phone and it used Boost Mobile Service. I had no problem with either. In May, my phone stopped working, it happens. I contacted Boost Mobile by E-mail because my phone wasn't working and told them to discontinue taking money from my debit card, May 5th 2015. I put into the E-mail all the information that they needed to know to stop service. I put my phone number, my pin, my ss number and debit card number.

In Sept I noticed they were still taking money from my card. I went to the nearest Boost Mobile store in Benton Harbor Michigan. I told them my problem, and they made a call to corp. I stood there for over a half a hour while we waited for a agent to come on the line. The man working the store was a good guy and very patient.

The corp agent came on the line, I told him the circumstance. He said they didn't stop the payment taking because they left a message on my home number. He said they did have notes on my account that I wanted to discontinue my service on May 5th but because I didn't get back to them on my HOME NUMBER they didn't sop it. I asked the clerk who had my account pulled up what number did they have for my home number. He said 000-000-0000, I asked the Corp Agent on the phone, how did you leave a message on a phone that is all 0s. He couldn't explain it. He put in a request for return of funds. I was given my last payment of 48.00 back to my debit card. Boost Mobile has stolen money from me from May 5th 2015 till Sept 5 2015. This is a result of credit card fraud. If you look at my phone records i didnt use this phone after the email, cause it was broke. Then you took money from my debit card for 4 months knowing that there was notes to stop using my debit card. and you excuse is i didn't return the voice mail you left me on 000-000-0000. My Phone number was 269-369-4910. Boost Mobile owes me 196.00. Im going to get my money returned to me. This is stealing from me.

Jim Martin

2874 Washington Ave

St Joseph MI


My phone number is 269-338-9188

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Boost Mobile Cons: Overcharged.

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Dose eny one noe who to call wen boost mobile steals over 1200$ from u in 2 years I want my money or a new phone