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Good evening, I have purchase 2 iPhone 6plusS off the internet immediately during the activation process I notice that the phone(s) were defective because I couldn’t hear from the ear speaker. I informed the lady and was advised to wait 24 before filing a complaint.

We waited the 24 hrs and call CS from the day I received these phones it’s been nothing but issues!! Every time I call Boost to tell them I have received a defective device I get transferred to their warranty dept. when I speak with warranty they say that it’s not their issue because we received the phones like this.. I am $600 out because no one seems to have answers to how I can get my phone replaced.

The customer service is just Awful they would say they were transferring to another department and the calls would drop. From my experience with other companies if the call drop (especially and escalated call) u would receive a courtesy call back.?? To make matters worse I spoke to 3 SUPERVISORS and ALL of them just pond the issues to another department. We aren’t not stopping here, we will continue call and doing our research till this matter gets resolved b/c at this point it Feels like we have been SCAMMED, they are sending defective phones and ponding it to the issuance company “Bright Start” 844-834-5579 to replace the phones..

where ever, whoever reads this we need help with this issue!

Spoke with following agents Kim interactive id # i136092599 and Glenn interactive id #1360952599 which transferred me to another department cuz she couldn’t solve my issue I’ve now spent 10 hours on hold and speaking to representatives of this company and still no issue resolved. SCAM

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Iphone 6 Plus Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I also bought a pre owned Samsung Galaxy S8 from boost mobile, along receiving it, it didn't work. Boost told me that I had to contact 90day warranty dept, so next morning I called them,I had to wait 24hrs so system could update and register the new phone.

Called again next day and told me they will email me their shipping label which I was to use on the phone package which I send the phone in with. Representitive told me I had to wait 20min for their email to show in my email inbox for their shipping label, first day went by I didn't receive anything in my email inbox. Called the next day the representative apologized and told me to wait another 20 min, I waited a few hours and still didn't get anything, so I called back same day and the next person said exact same thing. At this point was getting mad saying it had to be something wrong on their end, and they persisted to tell me it was my email.

So I gave them another email and waited till next day since it was already almost 5 pm. Next day still nothing.. So I pretty much gave up. A WEEK later I received a random email (with nothing but a guys name in subject) with the shipping label as attachment nothing explained in it.

So I had to call back, they informed me to "package it well" So I told them how I would send it and he said that would work great..So I put the phone in the original box it came in and bought a lg bubble wrapped inside package and stuck the box inside it. (Now remember is said it was a pre done label from insurance company) get to post office and I can't add insurance to it, the post office lady says well the pre label usually has insurance added with it from originally company, so against my better judgement I sent it.. Sent it out 1/15/2019 insurance company got it on 1/18/2019 guy told me to call back in 2-3 days after they received it I called on 1/22/2019, and spoke to represent, who said they dont fix the phones that they receive, they just replace with another pre owned phone, And that I should be getting mine on Friday (which was this past Friday. so I called again today(1-28-2019) to get a tracking number) only to find out after transferring to corporate that they were sending the original phone back because they received it with a crack in the screen!!!!

(THERE WAS NOO CRACK IN THE SCREEN I LITERALLY JUST BOUGHT IT FROM BOOST PRE OWNED WEBSITE)!! I was livid at this point!!! So insurance dept proceed to tell me that this is the post office's fault and that I need to call them, so I call them to figure out how I go about doing anything about this, only to be told to file a claim with USPS, so I do and it comes back that the phone was never insured with the pre label the insurance company sent!!!!! So now I'm out 300!!!

and to too that all off the insurance company said they sent it out on the 24th and have no clue why I haven't received the phone back but they don't have a tracking number for it!!!

I've been a loyal boost Mobile customer for over 12yrs and this just makes me want to switch providers.. Words can't even explain how mad I am about this whole situation!!!

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