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I have had a Samsung phone (with Boost Mobile) which was defective from the start. I was hospitalized a day or two after purchasing it so I couldn't exchange it right away.

Upon purchasing phone, I was told by the sales girl that the insurance ($7.00 month) could be used if something was wrong with the phone & it would be replaced within 24 hours. I tried filing a claim with the insurance & was refused because it is internal damage & under Samsung warranty because I have had it a few months. Called Samsung & was told that insurance covers it. Tried insurance again & Samsung & am left with a defective phone.

They don't care that I have numerous specialists for different medical conditions that I cannot always speak with due to dropped calls, phone not ringing, or not being able to place a call due to "Error, retry later".

I have little funds & can't go out & purchase a phone. I also need a phone that works!

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Where do you live?I have a phone from them that I'm not using

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