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I hear ya!!!!! My Kyocera hydro (water proof to 1m for up to 1 hour submerged) just got soaked in my pocket by a sprinkler at work on problem it's waterproof right!!!!!

Well today it started acting up....and screen is unreadable....was told twice now my options are I pay $29.95 shipping PLUSSSSSSSS a holding charge of $118 on my debit card to see if it's a defective unit and yes I would have a replacement coming BUTTTTT I'm still paying MORE THAN THE PHONE IS WORTH!!!!! (I can buy a new one for $49 at Boost store) orrrrrrrr I can send it to them for 7-10 business days (and I'm without a phone) to decide if it's repairable....are they DUMB???!!!??????? IF I HAD ANOTHER PHONE WHY WOULD I BOTHER??!!????? I'M SO OVER IT!!!!!

I love not having a contract but for sure I am being left to hang out and dry here in this instance.

And they said find a Boost loner store.....haven't found one yet! So disappointing!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My daughter's iphone bought from Boost Mobile and also purchased insurance and wasn't told the phone had to be sent off for 2 or more weeks if the phone stopped working when she bought the insurance so she ended up having to buy a new phone. Also Boost Mobile customer service center is garbage and if you finally get a live person, they are clueless and are not knowledgeable at all.

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