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I seriously would give Boost a negative review if I could. For the last month, Boost Mobile has been nothing but issues for me, both with the product and customer service.

I purchased an iPhone through the Boost Mobile website in November 2013, and I accidentally dropped it and it broke on December 23, 2013. So I brought it to the Apple store, since it was still under warranty and they gave me a Sprint iPhone (boost is part of Sprint and uses the same towers). Apple informed me that they were able to call Boost Mobile and activate my phone. I tried calling Boost Mobile 5-8 times, Apple as well, to activate my phone.

And every time Boost Mobile would say anything from "it will be activated in 24-48 hours to 10 minutes". From December 23, 2013 to January 4, 2014, Boost Mobile has done NOTHING to activate my phone or escalate the issue with Sprint or even TRY to activate my phone. I had NO active phone for two weeks, even though I already paid for my monthly service! After weeks of trying to activate my phone and being talked down to and hung up on multiple times, I switched carriers (because Boost Mobile did not do anything to try and help me).

I called Boost Mobile on January 5, 2014 to close my account. I gave them my information and pin number, the representative then hung up me AGAIN and I tried to call back to confirm my account was indeed closed, but my service was already shut off. I gave my old Boost Mobile phone to my cousin to use and we went to a Boost Mobile store to try and activate it for my cousin. I was told that my phone was reported stolen!

I did no such thing! I had the phone since April 2013. I STRONGLY believe that Boost Mobile's customer service representative was the one that reported my phone stolen because I'm the only one who has access to my account and the pin number. Boost Mobile has been extremely horrible to me and put me through *** and back.

I paid for service that I did not even use. Boost Mobile's customer service is extremely rude and ill-mannered, with no apologies. Boost Mobile hangs up on customers and do not help customers resolve issues at all. I have never experienced anything so horrible in my entire life to a point where I would be willing to spend three times as much on another cell phone carrier every month.

Do yourselves a favor and avoid the headaches and stress and AVOID THIS P.O.S. COMPANY!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #803247

My Zte boost phone hacked with Norton security false page.Deleted fake security?NOW no internet or phone?$55 boost card would not load up! JUNK JUNK FROM CHINA.

no dam book about how to keep phone secure.A hakers dream machine? :(

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