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I have been with Boost Mobile in total for roughly 4 or 5 years. I had to move for a job 9 months ago and there was no coverage where I would be working, so I had to switch carriers.

For medical reasons I had to move back, so I switched back to Boost Mobile. Never had a problem until 03/12/2018 when I purchased a new phone for my failing 3-4 year old Boost Mobile phone. The phone was a ZTE brand. Not a bad phone itself, but I believe ZTE had an issue with their phones very recently that happened to many people over all carriers.

After I spent the first day (03/12/2018) trying to troubleshoot/figure out the problem myself, I was unsuccessful so I brought the phone back to where I purchased the phone (5310 E Belknap St, Haltom City, TX 76117). They had to go through 2 levels of tech support to fix the problem. They had to re-initalize the phone to the network and disable call forwarding to voicemail (*720). It worked for 20 hours until I had to restart the phone, then it was doing the exact same thing as before; Unable to receive calls & texts.

If the phone did work (usually after I dialed out), I would receive any texts and voicemails immediately after I placed a phone call. Sometime later it would go straight back to voicemail if someone called. I would test by calling from another phone line. I would also get anywhere from 10-20 of the same texts, anywhere from within seconds of each other to several minutes; another known issue of the ZTE phones at the time.

So at least in my opinion, from my ZTE research and the way the phone was behaving it was an issue with the phone itself, NOT the carrier and I told them that.

Once they 'fixed' the phone and I had to reboot it, it started all over. I took it back in to try to get an exchange, since that is their company policy: 7 day exchange after date of purchase. I went back to the store, the guy at the counter did some quick research & found exactly what I stated above, there's a 'global' issue people are having with ZTE phones. He contacted customer support and they said the only thing they can do is for me to contact ZTE & get a replacement.

He sends me to another store (2427 Azle Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76106) where a manager is at. The manager listened to my story, realizing I've had this phone for 3 days and it hasn't worked correctly. Instead of letting me exchange for a completely different phone (and paying any difference), he wants to do the 'exact' same thing & give it a day to see if it fixes the problem. He was also suggesting that I was doing something wrong to the phone, even though the 'fixes' I were trying I was getting from the boostmobile.com website.

After 3 days I'm tired of troubleshooting and testing the phone to see if it still works like a normal phone, for it to eventually not work.

I contact Boost Mobile via email from their website and it's just the typical generic response; a stall tactic to try to buy time so their 7-day exchange time flies by. I spent over $200 (including the $35/mo service) that day for a phone that doesn't work and they will not honor their exchange policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zte Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $202.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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