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I feel your pain with the Network unavailable issue... The identical thing is happening to me.

The difference is, after 4 days, all day, after being transferred to non-existent extensions, lie after lie compounded with more lies, that "MY ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED" crap, my last and final call while utilizing and expending my entire 50 minute roaming allocation per month to BOOST, I made myself so clear, my ears are ringing. I am a cancer patient who is currently undergoing the most aggressive chemotherapy there is, to date. I have been hospitalized -3- times for emergent services due to life critical effects. I live alone.

I have to maintain an ongoing, constant and frequent line of communication with my Oncology team. I cannot do so once my 50 minute roaming free-bee is gone. It was gone last month for two weeks. I am reporting them to all regulatory agencies, as well as put it on record that in the event I have an emergency and need to speak with my doctors or vice verse, and am unable to do so absent any connectivity, AND, in the event I should suffer a premature demise due to connectivity issues, there will not be a Boost Mobile nor Sprint Corporation for long.

My family will own them. I am also filing Grand Theft charges against them for illegally withdrawing 3 months of payments for $45 without any such permission, express or otherwise, AFTER already auto paying on the 13th for my monthly service, WHEN I HAVE NONE! I need this to remain out there, until they opt to delete it (which they will.) If my attorney will consider adding you as an additional complainant, please let me know if this is something you would desire to pursue.

Thanks... Good luck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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