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Ive been with Boost for 5 years, always bought boost prepaid phones . Ive tried to unlock the last 2, which combined, ive used 4 years , no late payments etc.

The first phone which is 4 years old, cost $40, they say i didnt use for a year.. I didn't keep records. all I knew was it was the phone that I had before my current phone which I've had for several years as well. I let them slide on that phone.

my current phone which I've been using for at least two and a half years is a $60 Moto E4. I requested it be unlocked 3 times. every time I have to call them to check and I'm told that it's not been unlocked. Various reaSons.

The first , whatever age and I spoke to simply lied and didn't put in a request. The second time I was given a unlock request number but after a week I was told that was declined because my phone had been reactivated a week ago. I spent 45 minutes on the phone explaining that the phone had a problem with the SIM card and I had gone into the store and they rebooted the phone. but other than not being able to call anybody for a few hours because of a fault in the SIM card of unknown origin, I have had the same phone the same phone number for two and a half years with Boost.

I'm now on the third request to unlock the phone. I called the Boost store that I had physically gone into to help me with the SIM card and the girl there basically denied that their store help me with the SIM card. It was the most bizarre experience. then when I said why are you denying that I came in she said oh I'm not I just wasn't the one who helped you so I can't tell you that what you're saying is true.

When I ask for a manager she said we're not allowed to tell you that information. the sheer amount of time I've spent the last week trying to unlock two phones that were $50 each, has upset me and cause me to feel physically ill to the point where it's not even worth the $50 each phone to pursue anymore. I personally am going to leave Boost Mobile after this because of how physically and mentally ill and exhausted I felt just trying to do a simple task of unlocking two very inexpensive phones after a total 6 years of uninterrupted never late payment service with them. I understand they have a one year of service policy in place.

I'd like to think that that's so people don't buy expensive phones on discount and then leave as customers. But thats not the case here...

And to have them twist every little thing around even a problem I had with my SIM card for a few hours (the same sim card ive had for 6 years and that been in the same phone for over 2 years,) theyre trying to say that because it wasn't working right for a few hours, that my phone was just activated again.

they've actually come up with reasoning that's twisted my head circles that I never thought possible.

I called the FCC and sat on automated services for another 40 minutes. If I've learned anything in the last week it's that the United States is crumbling.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Boost Mobile Pros: Cost of the plan.

Boost Mobile Cons: Customer service or tech support.

  • Worst Customer Support
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