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I was not told we had a contract with boost after asking several times when getting service so when my phone wasn’t getting service on my vacation I closed the account I was told by new service company to make sure my phone wasn’t blocked ..which I did so but when I canceled service I was informed after that my phone was blocked

On the phone I was told to go to the independent office which I did the sales person canceled my phone then I had no phone but little to my surprise after hours of worry I found out it was the phone number blocked not my phone so now I have great service with new company and new number if I had known they were part of sprint I would of never joined this company as sprint in 2015 ripped me off for 1500 dollars when one of there employees put phone service on my phone because he was dating my daughter at the time and when I was aware of the phone service I canceled it so it’s a very bad company STAY AWAY from this company

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Boost is a none contract. Who told you that. Their prepaid service.

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