Woodland Hills, California
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I just wanted to reach out to you guys and let you know how I was treated by your fellow employees at the Phoenix Arizona locations here very rude I pay you guys early or I pay you guys on time and I pay Jeff for security and I pay Jeff for a lot of things and the rule customer service representative Cohs say here and tell me I can’t get my money back then I cancel my plan and I went only across the street that’s five minutes across the street to Metro PCS and they said they need my information to switch it over so I can keep my number I am a businesswoman I don’t play games I have a lawyer so since you guys are not trying to cooperate with me she said yeah I told her to freeze my information so since were playing games I will have my lawyer call you guys and you guys have a great day

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Customer Care.

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Who has a lawyer that they can refer me to for Boost Mobile???


Service so spotty had to switch back to old provider within a week...


Boost won’t unlock an iPhone that I bought from apple they say I have to stay with them a year on that device help me!


They doing me the same way but the service is vrap. Said I have to wait a year for my iPhone to be unlocked.

Sept 13 2019. I paid cash money how can you hold a lock on something I'm supposed to own!!


You sure don't type like a 'business woman'

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