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I didn’t mean to leave a review I was trying to contact boost and this stupid site came up asking for review which I thought I was dealing with boost not leaving review Please delete this post thing because it contains personal information and my phone number

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Im havlng problems paying my friends account multiple authorizations took place

Trying to determine if these are charges or if they’re just authorizations I was trying to paint a friends account which I’ve done before successfully but this time it came back with this error but still both cards authorizations took place trying to make sure I’m not charged And if so please reverse boost number I was trying to make a gift payment on of $65.00 {{Redacted}}

My name is Kevin Carnahan

My phone number is


Feel free to contact me

Something went wrong each time I tried to expedite the gift payment on your website After I expedited payment each time message came back saying there was an error as of checking the address or information but all information was correct .

Please make sure that all charges are reversed. I was trying to pay $65 on her account and only $65 Unfortunately multiple authorizations came through on both American Express and capital one.

Each time I tried to make payment on your system came back with an error saying unable to process please review your payment information

My payment information was correct both times so I’m not sure why the system Errored . Please reverse any charges if they went through other than just one .

Thank you

Kevin Carnahan


Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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