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I wen o boost Mobile and pay my bill and put m old man on my plain I paid 97.68 on my card and the rest with cash we went home and a couple of hours later we found that the phone was gone so we wait about a week to see if we have misplaced it some were and I try to call it and some one else that we don't Know answer our phone pay boost Mobile $97.68 for so service and my phone got taking so I order a new phone and FedEx Lost my phone so I pay for service and didn't get it on 11/29/2017 the amount that I pay was $97.68 the clum number is 38553170and the reference number is 881T75263

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Then why are you blaming Boost Mobile when it is not their fault your phone was lost. You should have this addressed by FexEx as they are the one who handled your ordered phone.

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