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If you read nothing more: STAY AWAY FROM BOOST MOBILE. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO HONESTY, NO INTEGRITY and they'll give you a total run around.

I ported over to Tmobile after being with boost for years. Was with boost before the merge with sprint and had wonderful customer service. After the merge it's been horrible and that's why I switched phone carriers. They seem to be reading from a script instead of doing their job resolving situations.

I just got off the phone with "Anna" a supervisor from Boost mobile yesterday. I've spoke to at least 7 different customer service people and 2 supervisors over the last 2 days. They will lie to you. I have a $12 credit on my account I want placed back on my credit card. You'd think this would be automatic since they can deduct your funds. Supervisor "Cath" told me yesterday she'd made notes, sent it to financial dept, and I would get it back on my card in 8 days or receive a call from Boost telling me why I wouldn't get my overpayment back and she couldn't guarantee I'd receive the money back. Supervisor "Anna" put a conference call into my VISA customer service. I realized something was not right and asked for the number she dialed: 800-847-2911. How did she have the phone number on the back of my card? I quickly googled the number saw SCAM CALLER reviews. Very frightening. Anyway, Boost reps: 2 of them looked up my account, put me on hold and then came back and said I don't have an account with them and they couldn't do anything because I'm not with boost anymore. After letting them know that the other customer service agents before them could find the account with no problem they should be able to also. Then they were able to find it. No honesty or integrity at this company. I had 3 of them hang up on me (after putting me on hold) and one was rude from the start of the call. I was told I'd have to take it up with my credit card company and file a dispute if I wanted my money put back on my card. I was asked "where did the $12 come from". Clearly my credit card on file for overpayment (we changed plans to a cheaper one) but, they say they "can't see where it came from". Why would that even matter? It's mine and you see you owe me the money.

None of them want to transfer you to a supervisor even after you tell them it's at the supervisor level currently. Alice can't transfer me until she looks up the account. phone went dead 7-8 mins then she's back on line: I see, I apologize, I understand. I will update notes then transfer you to financial dept. line dead for another 5 mins then she hung up. Louie Sanchez with a employee id # 79586417 refused to transfer me to a supervisor then hung up. When I asked the next one, Kean, for their id # he let me know they weren't authorized to provide employee #.

Gerald informed me "we do not have a financial department, I see everything on your account'. Then tells me the phone number I gave him doesn't show an account and am I sure I gave him the right number. you just told me you can see it....serious run around with these people. He put me on hold. Nothing is resolved as of today. Very shady business. I can go on with the notes from all of them I talked to but, you get the picture. STAY AWAY FROM BOOST!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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