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I lost my phone . I went into the store and they told me to wait I had a boost up and upgrade available to me in three weeks.

I waited and because I reported I lost my phone they turned off my service . I lost my phone literally three days after my payment for the month. I got online and spoke with them several times in which the chat was saved . Now three weeks later they tell that im not eligible so again i wait.

Now 4 months past still no phone they tell me they cant even give me money back for the month I paid for they gave a 10 credit. I go into the store and spoke with a manager who said he could absolutely do it no problem it shows in the system I have a "boost" up it would be less than 100$. I told him I would be back to go ahead and do it. I go back in a week to a different store who logs into my account and sees in the system I am eligible.

I make a payment and all of a sudden the boost up is gone off the screen. 4 hours late they still do not have an answer. I call customer service in which both the manager of the store and his worker confirms that yes it showed in her account she is eligible. to which he said i cant do it over the phone but they can do it in the store.

and they could not. So I go back to the store in which they told me they could do it the first place only to find they still can not fix the problem. They offered me a loaner phone which i accepted because i paid yet another month with no phone to use . I go pick the loaner phone up everything is good then two hours later they call me and tell me I need to bring the back whoevers phone they gave me belonged to someone else.

What kind of shady stuff is going on..then.. I told her no because I had stuff to do and she found another loaner phone and said i could come swap the phones out so ok i agreed I told her i was in school and didnt know what time i could get there. Hour later i get a text saying that the owner is coming for her phone around 4 to which I told her i could not make it by there which is why I did not tell her a specific time. Then we agreed we would swap out the phone the next afternoon I get a text at 10 pm saying they are sending an employee to my house to retrieve the phone.

I freaked. I told her no do not send anyone to my private house that we agreed on a time and they sent someone anyways. so at 1030 at night I have a employee at my private home. I refused t answer the door.

So what kinds of shady business is going on with this company. I am extremely upset

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Apple Cell Phone Upgrade.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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This is crazy. All that nonsense to go through because this company cannot resolve issues.

No customer should have to jump hoops. BOOST,get you're act together.

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