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so I was browsing the web looking for a new carrier to switch to from cricket. I saw boost had the samsung galaxy s2 on sale for 279.99 on their website.

I didnt have the money at the time to purchase it. so I did research and what not to compare phones and carriers in the mean time. I checked back a few days later and their "out of stock". mind you it has been over three weeks and they are still out of stock from that time.

Then they come out with 2 new phones that look ugly and are also overpriced trying to push those on the market. the only new thing about them is that they're "4g lte". which is not that big of a deal because 3g is fast enough with 2mb per sec and 4g lte can get over 5mb per sec. why is it fast enough?

because boost like most, but not all other carriers throttle your speed. yes they slow it down on purpose. lets say you have 4g speeds on boost and your getting 5mb per sec download speed, thats slow 4g ive heard of over 10mb in some areas. they slow down your data to 256kbps which is less than half a mb, (i beleieve a quarter mb).

when you hit over 2500mb they slow it down to 256kbps. so 2500mb divided by 5mbps is 500 seconds. which is a little over 8 minutes, lets be generous and give it 9 minutes. so in reality if your actually using your 4g because you need it and actually use it to its potential, not just have it because you think you have to have it.

you actually recieve less than 9 minutes of full speed data!!! and no one else sees this? its ridiculous. then they raise the price for the samsung galaxy s2 to 294.99 from its sale price of 279.99.

and its not even back in stock yet. its like them saying: its not gonna be cheap when it comes back, might as well get one of these new 4g lte phones we have to get rid of them. because the galaxy s2 was and is their bestselling phone and they know it. they lost me as a potential customer and on their contact page if you want to contact by email you need a boost phone account.

otherwise you must call the 800 number and talk to someone who doesnt know much. they chased me away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $280.

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