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I have been a loyal customer since 2010

last year I broke my screen and bought a new phone zte

My charging port stopped working

I called boost they informed me my phone was still under warranty to call zte which I did

Zte said send it to them if they could not fix it they would send me another phone

So I did a, week later I got my another phone I called boost like I was told to turn in my phone

Oh boy here starts the nightmare

Boost said they could not turn my phone as the meid number were not compatible to boost

We're did I get the phone? I told from zte are you sure? Yes they just mailed it to me got it today

Are you positive you got it from them yes no one gave it to you did, they? Good Lord made me feel as I stole the phone

Well it's not compatible to boost so you need to buy another phone

Because your are a valued customer you can make payments

No I want this phone it's new why but another and have two new phones for one person Well then call zte tell them your phone isn't compatible to boost

So I did

They said it's a boost phone

They will.expedited a email to boost for me wait a day ok

I waited called boost again no it's no good you need to buy another phone

As of today between my CareGiver and I we have spent hours on the phone between boost and zte

With boost saying not compatible

But a new phone and that zte changed the numbers

Zte promising to let boost know

And not a dam thing

Has happen today csr from boost Todd me to go to a boost store try

Zte said send it back.to then


Go figure checking the model.number boost sells the same phone in thier store as, well as,walmart

I at this point would not recommend neither one of these companies

As far as I'm concerned they need to be reported to the fcc or someone in the givernment if I can figure out were that's what I will be doing

Beyind done with all the stress been hung up on twice today

In a rou d about called a theft

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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