Dallas, Georgia
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After 6 years of customer loyalty, I've discovered how unappreciated I really am! My IPhone died during the night (it's an old model).

I went to the local Boost location----- they are permanently closed. My son called NUMEROUS locations to see if I could upgrade. Only 2 locations answered... one of those the employee had such a thick accent, we couldn't understand anything she said.

We drove over an hour to the other location because she said I qualified for an upgrade for an IPhone 7. She gave me the prices only to find out once we arrived, they only have used phones in stock... she proceeded to argue with me about what she said on the phone. We left to go to the other location in that town....

they are permanently closed. We drove another 30 minutes to another location only to find a note on the door that the employee would "be back in 20 minutes". We waited.. only to be told they do not take cash..

only credit cards. He did apologize for making us wait... it was because the store had no air conditioning and he needed to go to a local coffee shoppe to get a drink. We called two other locations...

no answer. My son then read that Boost is under Sprint's umbrella.. who is combining forces with another company and Boost will not be part of their package... SOOOO glad we didn't do business with them after all!

They are incompetent and have terrible in store product! We went to Walmart, bought the same phone for $50.00 less, signed up with Straight Talk... and ready to roll.

Good Bye Boost... you stink!

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