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I am a 66 yr old female & presently a cancer patient who has battled breast cancer 2x's. I have been going through a hardship, and had to switch my carrier who has been my carrier for about 4 years.

I had to switch to Consumer Cellular for seniors. I explained my dilemma to Boost, & how I need access to my contacts (including my Doctors,) and they said understood, and promised to UNLOCK my phone so I can start with my new carrier. I have been waiting since Tues., Oct 1st., 2019. Every day they tell me they will unlock my phone in 24 hours.

Today, Oct., 4, 2019, they said they would unlock it in 3 hours. Of course, they lied to me again. Consumer Cellular called them and they told them: "it is NOT our policy to unlock phones." Therefore, I will have to purchase a new phone. I even offered to return to Boost and they told me I would have to wait 3-4 months to try and get my phone number back.

What a horrible company! They need to cut all ties with the United States.

We are good to them, and they are horrible to us. Shame on Boost Mobile/Sprint!

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Apple Cell Phone Unlock.

Reason of review: Customer Service Rudeness. Instead of answering my question, Supervisor hung up on me. Phone rep was unknowledgeable..

Monetary Loss: $600.

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