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About 2 months ago, I was informed by Boost Mobile that they were consolidating cell phone towers in my area and I might experience intermittent interruptions when they did so. After a few days, I had some issues, however, they were not related to a tower switch. In the past week or so, I've had signal dropouts off-an-on in an area where I had previously had 4 bars signals. After having an important business call drop-out today, I called customer service (In India, of course) The first CSR was difficult to understand, and seemed to have some problems understanding me. Their solution was that I MUST get e new phone without the SIM card capability. I advised her that I travel internationally and need that function, but more importantly, needed a functional phone TODAY! She transferred me to a so-called "Supervisor" who spoke better English and was able to check tower status and related-items. He advised me that I MUST get a NON-SIM Phone. I advised him of my problem with that, and that I had not been informed of that requirement when 1st advised that the tower consolidation was going to happen. I asked where the closest tower was that I could get a signal. He put me on hold, and after 5 minutes HE disconnected the call!

So far, no response to the e-mail complaint that is supposed to go into some corporate black box!

I went to the website to find info on how to switch my number and close my account. No such info available......


However, i was asked if I would fill out an evaluation of the website and their service. I filled it out, primarily negative responses, and the software would NOT ALLOW my responses to be submitted! Talk about your biased evaluations.

My advice to consumers is to BOYCOTT BoostMobile and it's affiliate, Sprint

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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They used to be good no good since the past year

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Boost use to be a good service provider, however when my next payment is due I will bid them farewell.