Cheyenne, Wyoming
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On August 2012 i received a motorola cell phone that I had ordered online for my daughter when I oedered it according to the web site we did have service in my area . When I recieved the phone I attempted to activate it and paid a 50.00 charge using my husband's credit card for unlimited monthly service.

The phone was never activated cause come to find out there was no service in our area . I called Boost/Sprint and informed them that the phone was basically useless and that they were to cancel the account I was assured that no more charges would be made. I checked my email this morning and discovered that 50.00 charges have been made two months in a row for a service that was never activated . They made a charge in September and October and removed 50.00 out of my husband,s account for a service we don't have .

I made several attempts to contact the customer service and have not been able to get through when I did get a hold of a customer representative I was assured that the problem had been resolved this was a lie cause they charged us again this month. I once again tried to contact Boost/Sprint this morning and was not able to get through a representative did answer I demanded to speak to a manager was informed that this was not necessary I informed them that yes it was , the customer rep placed me on hold and then disconnected me .I have at this point contacted The Attorney General of California and The BBB and filed complaints against the company . I will never again do any kind of business with Boost/Sprint they are fraudulent and their customer service is worthless and rude .

My advice to anyone that is considering purchasing a cell phone from Boost/Sprint would be don't don't it will be not but a headache you might as well just take your money and throw it in the trash rather than give it ti Boost Mobile. Check out the BBB website on this company there are numerous complaints on this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I'm a long time Boost customer living in Cheyenne and have no problem with service in this area. Don't know who informed you that there was no service in this area, but that is totally wrong.


I too just got the phone,asked them to use my old# and I cant even get the activation to complete the process.I am told there is an outage in this area-they dont know when it will be fixed and to call daily. and yes they charged my credit card for unlimited service.