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well boost, i went to the location right down the street... i been holding this in over 24 hours. im pissed. went inside the guy that worked there. was teaching class on everything about this phone to a girl. and he butted right wanting to know if i wanted to buy a new phone. i said no. he went back to giving class to that girl.. im not sure but she was not getting it. i sat mind my busniess, some other guy walks in.. he sat down like me.. then the guy stops class to see what he wanted i said wait a minute. so i had a small turn. keep in mine he still dicking with that other girls phone... i'm not the type to fly off the handle... but he really did not want to eait on me because i was not buying a new phone... so i hand it over to him. right away telling me that i need new phone. so he still giving class in between me and that girl... i believe she was winning. and i ask somewhere in between that girl. all i said was i want to save my pictures and phone numbers and factory reset the phone. well he set me straight. told me ot was all right there in the phone and it was a crazy queston to ask for help when is all in the phone. a telling my phone really was no good.i sat there another 2 minutes... he was still so worried about girls phone. and since my phone was junk. and i'm not on his level of education i was beneth him. i was think what did this guy just say?. i said did you just call me a dumdass in so many words.. he lookes at girl and ask her, did i just call her a ***... she says NO.but im not *** he did in somany words.... after that few minutes. i said , well. i guess some times i have a little of a hard time and i did not want to loose phone numbers and pictures.. then i said well i died 25 times last year. i went sepsis in the worse way. my colon died inside of me. and my stomach had gangreen. i jad emerg. ileostomy surgery 12/28/14. i was in hospital all if last year the entire month of jan.... now i am very sick. i have a bag of *** on the outside of my stomach. and im on oxygen 24x7. he seen that i had that two foot tall tank. i roll it everywhere i go... at home i have a machine that make oxygen. so anyway not having a colon is not all my problems i have lung and kidney des. i have lupus.. i really hate talking behind this guys back. but i needed help from him and basic. plain and clear he wanted nothing to do with me... now every since i had this boost phone it has been no good from the start... i believe u sold me $150. piece of ***.. i like this phone. but its not all that great.. it just turns off when it feels like it.... so i just figure a factory reset might help... instead i got told off and put in my place really good. and i dont like being called a *** in so many words. over a *** no good to start with phone.

Rebecca N*****


give me a call. i'm not the type to fuss or call peeps names. maybe the phone is *** but he did not have to insult me in front of three people. and yes i got a little brain damage from five hour of cpr till they could figure out what was wrong. they did have the gurney tilted brain down so i had blood in my brain. otherwise i would not need the phone.. i dont like the way i was treated or talk down to... that guy needs to tell me he's sorry for being such a ***

rebecca n*****

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I was with at&t for years... maybe I should go back.