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I brought an iPhone 5s on 8/8/16 activated the phone on the 08/10/16 and has made two payments already. I have still not yet received my 50. Credit and each time I call they state I have to wait another 30 days. What happened to Boost mobile their customer service is terrible and the promotion states totally different than what I am being told. The customer service has no clue how to resolve my issue, no heart for service and no type of empathy...
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My mom called Boost Mobile because she was wondering if they can get another phone on, or at least try because the phone I had wasn't not working. The internet was slow, the service kept going out, it was just so messed up, my data roaming thing would go off, so my mom wanted to know if they can get a different phone I had on, and they spoke to her like she was ***! Seriously Boost Mobile! Boost Mobile is very bad and I regret ever getting it!...
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I had subscribed to Boost Mobile due to their low cost pay-as-you-go plan for the past several years. Although I set up automatic payment to my credit card, many times over the years, Boost Mobile just cancelled my service instead of automatically charging my card. This has caused me many headaches and took a lot of time to keep calling to get my automatic payment plan re-set -- very frustrating! And then, I found out they just cancelled my...
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I am a person who has had service with them for over 2 years ..the supervisors and csr were sooo rude over the phone .. I have always paid my bill on the 3 pf each month ... and If I had a problem I called and switched plans . I have never asked for credit of any kind .. due to a technical error .. my monthly plan was switched from the 3rd to the 19 which I cannot pay ... after taking a month off from their service I payed my bill on the 3rd...
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I didn't like
  • Being treated as if i dont pay my bills
  • Supervisor hung up on me
  • Problem not being solved
No help from boost mobile. They lied and lied. Gave me some numbers to reset my phone. Didnt work. I got text mrssages saying i would have to pay 67 dollars to continue servicebin august. On August 5 i called to get my account number so i could switch my service. I was transferred to someone else who told me I SUDDENLY had a 24 dollar credit and if i switched i would lose it. And he wanted to know what carrier i was switching to. I...
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The staff at this store raided my account and stole money.They lied to me and to Boost about their criminal activity. After having a dispute with a friend that brought me to their store they misrepresented themselves to Boost saying that they were me and 1) changed my PIN various times, 2) had my service interrupted various times, then 3) stole money from my boost account by charging unauthorized items in a childish (but still criminal) attempt...
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they said i had unlimited service for a month i couldn't even get on the internet because of it unlimited my *** if that was the case then why can i get on the internet???????? boost mobile needs to make a attitude change they take your money which they don't mind doing but they don't give you what you pay for do they not even know what unlimited means????????? i am tired of this *** and i am over it they need to find out what is unlimited...
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I didn't like
  • Lies boost tells shame on them
First off, the coverage sucks, sometimes you get your calls and sometimes you dont.The same goes for the text messages and the internet service. I paid 60 bucks a month to receive every now and then service, then when I reached out and tried to complain, I was told that there was nothing that could be done about it. THen when you contact customer service, even the supervisers they refuse to accommodate you for any losses. The only reason I put...
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