Prairieville, Louisiana
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This is the screen shots of the text Boost sent this phone..stating that in One Day! I supposedly used over 15% of my (joke, "unlimited" contract) allotment,

i.e. on Oct.22, One Day by their own Text to me.. which is over 384MB; not even possible in 24 hrs at their best speed. They said this so they could punish me, but...

THEN they also added that same jump in data minutes use to the front of November's bill so they can use it TWICE!

Look at the dates on the 2 text msg..the same.

Then look at the white marker on the data min use the start..first day of Nov Billing, the jump is BEHIND this line, because that date is the last day of Oct bill,

and ALSO the first day of Nov bill, by their reckoning. Blatant cheat! A lie!

On this day, Nov. 9th, the graph says "about 1.86GB used" ...

this, set from Oct. 21st. Then, one less day, from the 22nd., 1.30; and from the 23rd., 1.22GB used.

The math is this:

1.86 - 1.30 = 56 MB used 1.30 - 1.22 = 8 MB used

and they expect people to believe I used 384! in the same time period just three days earlier?

I seriously wish I could sue them, except how? The BBB is useless, the FCC is useless, and now swallowed by the equally useless FTC, and court costs prohibit doing it privately....

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I agree! Their math is from Goofy Town!

Its ridiculous and annoying. It has happened to me for a year now. They should be sued for freakn fraud because unlimited should be just that! I bet they sure as *** have a lobbyist in Washington making sure they get the best deal on continuing their fraud and screwing us out of our money!

Its all corporate greed now dayz. Sickening.