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I recently switched from another scam cell company, where your bill is half fees to Boost Mobile because they told me if I walked into their store and paid my bill I would be charged no fees. I liked this and questioned them on it, they told me specifically to my face that I would not be charged any fees and the price they are quoting me for the service is what I’d pay, period. This was the selling point and it was stated over and over again. I even asked another time before paying, to be absolutely sure that the price monthly they promised would be accurate with no fees. Boost lied and said yes then took my money!

Problem 1: After paying my first month I logged into their site and found they had me signed up for $7 insurance on the phone. I called and had the insurance taken off. Looked online again and the insurance is back on, called again same thing. Used my time to walk into the store and had their rep call in and *** the insurance. Again, back on the next day. It’s like they just tell you problem solved and not actually do anything for you. Finally with a 4th call to their customer service department I was able to get the insurance taken off. I even asked this rep over the phone that if I walk into the store and make my payment it would be the exact price I was quoted? No fees, no insurance or other? The rep told me YES! Don’t worry you won’t be charged any fees as long as you go in and pay.

The above I could have lived with until…

Problem 2: Took my time to go to the bank and get cash, drive down to the Boost store, walked in to pay my payment on the due date like I promised and then they hit me with a fee. Yup, $3 per line fee for paying in the store. I though after all this that it was some kind of joke. Nope, no joke, just a *** company doing what they do, lie to you to get you to sign up then start steeling from you.

It’s not about the $3, it’s about the lies and selling you on something then changing their agreement to suit their needs not the customer.

Problem 3: Yes, I paid the fee because now even though it’s a pre-paid phone service, now I have a phone I can’t do anything with if I quit them. I logged into their website again and they have changed my plan to a higher rate plan without my consent. Now, I will have to call and try and get this fixed. I’m sure I will listen to a bunch more lies and deception first, just to realize they don’t actually fix my problem.

I’m sure some Boost rep will write here some excuse for why the above happened and try to make it look like it’s a rare case. If I can save even one person from being treated this way and fed a line of bull from Boost mobile I will feel good about it. Avoid Boost Mobile as they are scam artists!

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Boost Mobile Cons: Over charge, Customer service, False quotes, False information flyer.

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Boost Mobile rips you off! Stay away bunch of crooks working on a class action suit against them.

They use your data when you have your data off. Thief's rip you off stay away..


I'm sorry you had to go through that. I have a cell phone store, and one of the many carriers we sell is Boost mobile.

I've heard this same exact problem from people coming from another store. You should definitely report them to corporate because that is not right at all. The store rep straight up lied to your face when they told you there were no fees and they signed you up for the insurance without your consent as an upsell for themselves...we get paid commissions based on the price plans and add-ons (like insurance) Did they also tell you that you had to get the $45 plan for the first month then later change to whichever you want?

This is bad business practice on that store, and it probably came down from the owner for the rep to lie and cheat customers out of their money. If you're still with Boost, sign up for auto pay, they'll give you a $5 discount every month and only charge you tax on top of your normal payment plan.