This is a *** up company the say that its unlimited talk text and web its not you can watch 7 movie and use all your data and it is supposed to be unlimited data I'm done with this false As advertising

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Most stupid company on the face of the earth, they high jacked my I phone 6+ that I paid in FULL. Be careful!!!!!! They need to be taken to court.

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #1355270

Receive free month from Boost Mobile Garbage company didn't get the entire month. call customer service guess it was in Mexico they were so rude rep disregarding that fact I have been customer for over 10 years and was more concern to cancel my service because I wasn't satisfied with their service


Well... Your ***.

It specifically says on the plans... "500mbs of High-speed Data, 2.5 Gigs, or 5 Gigs" on every plan offered. 40-50-60. ...

***. If you can not read plain clear text Dont come on here and write it. I think people like you should be smacked.

And, legally speaking you shouldn't be watching or download illegally obtained movies. Which is probably what your doing.

to Icanread Los Angeles, California, United States #870134

*** your black robe! Stop judging and find out what the complaint is about before you start attacking people!

How do you know if they're watching or downloading illegally obtained movies? Do you do that? Do you work for boost? Stop being an ***, and either answer the question or STFU!!!

Icanread, huh! Hope you can read this!

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