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here is a copy of the email I sent to boost and am forwarding to the ceo and board of directors of sprint (their parent), I have omitted my personal info from the fcc complaint info but the complaint number is authentic:

Please be advised that I have filed another complaint with the FCC, this one focusing solely on your deceptive and, I believe, illegal sales practices.

1) you knew the tower was out in February

2) your authorized agent did not allow me to handle the phone till it was activated and paid for, which was March 4, 2011

3) at the point of sale, I complained that the phone had no signal

4) your authorized agent misrepresented a material fact in order to falsely persuade me to accept your faulty merchandise by telling me, "take it home, it takes a couple days for the signal to come up"

5) I returned the next day and complained again that the phone had no signal, your agent inspected the phone closely and looking very closely at the signal meter exclaimed, "Look! There's 4 bars!" handing the phone back to me, what he was falsely describing as "4 bars" was the segmented flat line.

6) I have subsequently made requests to both Boost and their authorized shyster…er… dealor for my money back which both deny.

7) To date, I have spent $60 for the phone, $10 for the activation fee and another $150 in service fees for a phone which does not work and has never worked from the first day and was sold to me by misrepresentation of material facts while Boost had FULL knowledge that the tower was out form the MONTH prior.

8) I don't believe that it is legal to sell a product by misrepresenting material facts concerning the product and I want all my money returned.

Here is the FCC complaint information:

Acknowledgment & Fax Cover sheet to submit additional information.

Filing for: John Doe has been received by the FCC. Thanks for your information. When inquiring about your complaint, be sure to reference this number: 11-C00303868 and, be sure to mention that you filed this complaint over the internet.




Federal Communications Commission


11-C00303868(Form 2000 Filed Via The Internet)

A copy of this email is going to Sprint's CEO and Board of Directors being that Boost Mobile, LLC is quite careful in not allowing any other method of contact with their corporate offices and I don't believe that Sprint, being a public company will be able to hide from their responsibilities to their customer and shareholder.


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I hope you won.


you must work either for boost executive escalation dept or sprint regulatory analyst!

you guys are the pinnacle of deception!