Griffin, Georgia

I recently switch to boost mobile from Verizon Wireless due to not ever having enough data now I was given 5 gigs of data Unlimited Talk unlimited text I ran out of data I purchased a data pack for $10 then I purchased another data pack for $5 then I did a one-time-only addon of 1 0 gigabytes Wi-Fi ran out of that so then I put $20 on my boost mobile account but they won't allow me to purchase any more data packs so I try to call customer service within customer service hours I tried for an hour and 45 minutes and was still unable to talk to a customer service representative Boost Mobile is a lousy false advertising company you suck I should have known before I purchased the two phones and service that I did when I showed up at them boost Mobile store at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday in the door was locked and there was a note on there it said will be back soon I waited for 27 minutes for the boost mobile employee showed up back to his job and then told me that he had to lock the door again because his lunch break last for another 15 minutes

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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