La Junta, Colorado
Not resolved

I am fed up with the excruciatingly slow data speeds with Boost Mobile, and all the buffering, even on Wi-Fi. I decided to switch to the plan wirh less data, because I might as well save money, if nothing else.

Most industrialized countries have much faster download speeds than the U.S. does, and I can't accept the excuse that we have an outdated internet infrastructure, or that the cell towers in my area have been under repair for the last few months.

Boost Mobile internet shouldn't even be offered to it's customers, if it is going to be so unusable. Perhaps Boost Mobile should offer only landline service from now on.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have the exact same problem with Boost Mobile, and they gave me the same excuse about the cell phone towers, months ago. I will se if Metro PCS has better coverage.


I have the exact same problems with Boost Mobile, and I also live in La Junta, CO. They told me about the "cell phone tower", as well.

How many months would it take to fix one tower? I used an app to check my connection to the tower, and the app indicated that my phone couldn't locate the tower!

I will have to request a phone tech in the U.S. and try to get this resolved.