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I am a disabled senior citizen and require a phone 24/7. I had just purchased (1 week prior) a new phone which was stolen from me.

So, I went to a Boost outlet store to purchase another. The store mgr sold me a used phone (on the pretense that it was a new phone). The phone was part of a family plan. I did not purchase a family plan.

I purchased a phone as an individual "new service", and wanted to port my original number. The store manager told me I would have to pay $100 to have that happen. When I called 611 (Care Services) I was told that the Mgr was wrong and that it would be "only" $15, but he would wave the fee. This was 3 days after my purchase.

This phone has had problems since the first day. "Dropped/disconnected calls, no internet connection, very poor speaker quality, and the phone had 13 apps downloaded from the App Store.

I've called the [we don't] Care Services 5 times...and each time they tell me the call will be escallated ...I will, invariably, be disconnected. On one occassion I was transferred to Samsung (the manufacturer of this "Tribute" phone) and was told by the Service Tech that this phone in fact had been in use and was out of warranty...for more than a year!

Boost refuses to refund my money or give me a new phone, and they are supporting the store mgr who ripped me off

Product or Service Mentioned: Boost Mobile Customer Care.

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